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A Life Saver

Coal and I had a great life growing up but as with life unexpected things happen. Sometimes you’re smooth sailing, napping in the warmest sun patch when a cloud comes and steals your light. That is essentially what happened with us. Our original keepers were great. We had the life: large comfy bed, couches in every room, and tasty meals every evening. Besides the occasional appearance of the threaded snake and that loud dirt eliminator things couldn’t be better.

The Start To A New Chapter

When I was a kitten everything was exciting and new. I was fearless and roamed around without hesitation. Racing up and down the steps were my favorite. My keepers would send bouncing tennis balls and slinky’s for me to chase around the house. I would never fetch, though. Occasionally I would bring my daddy a toy to play with but I would never fetch. I miss those days. Racing to the food bowl and carelessly taking naps anywhere I pleased. All those perfect days didn’t last. The thought that some day they would go away was never something in imagined.
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