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Iron and Coal’s Gallery


Good day, my name is Iron – Iron the Gray. I was once known as Choppa but that title no longer remains. The writing of a new chapter requires a new name. This fresh new start appears to be very promising.

I am an easy going, low maintenance companion with a healthy addiction to laps. I can sleep just about anywhere but my favorite places are the couch, computer chair, and pretty much anywhere you are hanging out.

 Ive always been told, “The meaning to life can be found in a lap.” Im still searching. 🙂


Hi I’m Coal. A simple but loving kitty. I never ask for much and am thankful for what I’m given. I may seem shy at first but there is a lot more to me then meets the eye.

I’m a middle aged cat with a side of playfulness still lingering. Most would say I look intimidating. I’m tall and bold looking but that goes against my personality. I’m not incredibly outgoing and getting to know other new people is a slow process for me.

A home is not a home without a nice comfy bed.

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