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What Is Purrfect Tales?

Upon arriving at our new temporary home Coal and I began scoping out the place. We heard the sweetest voice from on top of the bookshelf, non other than the precious Princess Pony. She gave us a brief history of our new domain keepers, their previous companion Rockett, and his journal he left behind.

We located his journal, read his story, and were inspired to create Purrfect Tales. Rockett’s dying wish was to encourage other keepers to open their homes and connect with cats based on their personality, not just their age, color, or condition.

The mission of Purrfect Tales is to promote the adoption of  cats based on their personality, not just their age, color, or condition.


Our Story

Coal and I both shared the same original keepers. Things were great for many years until an abrupt change sent our worlds spiraling into chaos. We have been in and out of homes and fed unhealthy diets which made our fur brittle, and caused vomiting among other things. Before we knew it Coal and I sat death on row for reasons we did not know. Only moments before it was too late, we were rescued and given another chance. If it wasn’t for the humans from Anjellicle our nine lives would have been taken right from under our paws.


You can read more about how we got here in our introductory posts; or follow our current tales while we search for a new home.

If you are interested in becoming our new permanent keeper, head over to the  to tell us more about yourself!

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