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Maddox and Eddie are two awesome kitties looking for homes. Currently Maddox is a foster here at the humble abode of Purrfect Tales and Eddie is with a foster family through The American Street Cat. They are both adult cats which means they don’t have the best of odds getting adopted during the spring time when it’s kitten season. BUT there are so many good reasons why adopting an adult cat is sometimes the best choice!

Consider this, if you adopt a kitten it will require a lot of attention and play time as well as double the food on a daily basis. Adult cats are already past the super playful kitten stage and they don’t need to be fed as often as kittens. If you want a chill and loving companion, and for many more reasons, think about adopting an adult cat 🙂

Check out the post links next the pictures of Maddox and Eddie that they wrote themselves! You’ll learn more details about them and be able to leave comments and well wishes on their journey to finding a home. Or you could even be their new forever home!

I love toys!!!
I love toys!!!







About me – Eddie


Maddox showing off his pearly whites!






About me – Maddox


Wishing these kitties the best of luck!
– Princess Pony

Princess Pony

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