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And the Winner is…

Drum roll, please!!! Our beloved furry little man, Rockett, won the weekly photo contest hosted by Modern Cat! How awesome is that?! We are so happy that he got this little feature of the week on the MC website.

Rockett_feature picture

It’s amazing how much of our hearts he captured in the short time we had with him and we are so happy he was a part of our lives.

In case this is your first time visiting the Purrfect Tales furry family – Welcome!
You’re probably also wondering about who Rockett is? Rockett is the inspiration behind Purrfect tales. Rockett might have never gotten adopted had he been taken to shelter after being found on the streets of Philadelphia. Rockett was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia (FelV) as a kitten, and was checked twice, even after being adopted by JJ and Care, the humans of Purrfect Tales. It’s because of him that kitties with tough odds against them to find homes come to be fosters through Purrfect Tales. We hope we can tell their stories to make them shine for the awesome kitties they are. I can’t even imagine Rockett not having been able to live out his life in a loving home. Sadly, not all kitties are lucky enough to experience that.

Rockett 1

 Check him out in all his glory – Cat of the week!

In celebration of Rockett’s win and in his memory please remember – Adopt don’t shop.

Love, purrs, and kitty whiskers,
Princess Pony

Princess Pony

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