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I Got the Job!

Oh man, I thought the day might never come. It had taken a lot of determination and sometimes it got really tough. I know that my foster mom tried very hard to get me to do well at adoption events but she knew how stressful it was on me and decided to use other tactics. Not having the exposure definitely made it hard but I set out to make the best of my current situation.

Getting ready to take a nap.

Little by little I was beginning to feel more like myself. During the day I would nap to soothing songs and at night I always slept at the top of foster mommy’s pillow which helped me become more comfortable. It made me feel all warm and safe plus she had the softest hair!


The food was always the best and easy on my temperamental stomach. I know feeding me wasn’t easy either, but my foster parents didn’t give up. My fur had never looked so good, too! So soft and thick, a complete difference from how rough and brittle it was when I arrived here.

Luna was always clear about her boundaries.
Luna was always clear about her boundaries.

My foster parents patiently helped me regain my confidence so my skills could shine. I soon became quite the chatter box especially when it came time to eat dinner. “Food bowl is empty!” I also made sure to let them know the litter box was getting too dirty or if the kittens were getting too rowdy. Those kittens are no walk in the park to kittensit but they sure were cute when they were little. I remember their mama, Luna, was very protective of them. I would have loved to help but I knew I had to respect Luna’s boundaries.

Reading some resume writing books.
Reading some resume writing books.

I knew I had to revamp my online resume posting. So I gathered all by best qualities and put on my tie collar. Foster daddy always said, “With a face like yours how could anyone turn you down?” He always knew how to make me feel confident.

I got the job!
I got the job!

Sure enough after just two weeks of making some simple changes I had a couple people interested. One of them didn’t really follow through but the other interested person did. She was beautiful! She was the most smiley human I had ever seen! She sat down on the floor and let me slowly come to her. And I did. I didn’t hide or act scared. She didn’t force me to get near her. She just put her hand out and let me come close. I sniffed, and sniffed some more.

Then I just knew. I took two steps toward and nudge my nose and my cheek onto the palm of her hand. “oh I love him!” She was so happy. I was too!


I spent the last few days at my foster home near my favorite window thinking how I almost didn’t get a second chance. During my time spent here I gained back my confidence and my personality was able to shine through. The sun felt extra good those last few days knowing I’d finally found my forever home.

Princess Pony

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