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This Time It’s Furever

It felt as if I was on some kind of world tour because I had never been on so many train rides nor seen so many people. I wish I could say that I loved it but I’m a little old guy who just wants a nice warm lap to lay on and my occasional meal of wet noms.

Waiting For The Train
Waiting For The Train

Up until now it had been about 4 months that I was with my foster care takers. I remember being in the worst place a cat could find themselves in before being with them! From one day to the next I was swept away along with my friend Coal to their home. The conversations our new humans made me realize this would not be our forever home but they assured us their efforts would be diligent to find each of us one.


And now here I am writing to you from the quarters of my new comfy abode. My new human parents have another old guy kind of like me except he has way stinkier breath and uses the bathroom outside.  He likes to nonchalantly keep me company from a safe distance. I perch on the couch pillows and he likes to curl up on the rug on the side of the couch.  And his name is Chipper!

So again, like I said before, the traveling escapades were not for me. I know it must have been a pain but I couldn’t help but complain the whole way on the train to my new place. I had so many questions that I kept asking my former foster mom.


“Will I get my favorite treats? Did you remember to bring them?”.

I swear I’d try to go as long as I could without a peep but then I’d remember something else.

“OMC! My litter box! Did you bring it?”

Along with making sure Ms Foster Mom brought everything I needed, I also hated being enclosed in a bag. I could see and breathe OK but I just wanted to be on Ms Foster Mom’s lap. That’s all.


Now I have nothing to complain about. My new owners are very sweet and offer some of the best laps I could ask for. I’m still warming up to their furry old guy and he seems harmless but I need to still feel it out. He’s been getting too close and he is so LOUD when these new people get home. No manners!


I know all he wants to do is smell me and get to know me. But all in due time my friend. In due time.

Princess Pony

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