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Hi Hi Hi!

I’m Titan.

Mommy says my whiskers are long enough to do my own post!

Today was awesome. I played a lots. My brothers and sisters are so much fun! I love them.

Pile Of Fluffy Kittens
I love my brothers and sisters!

Phoebe is so speedy. She comes out of nowhere. She squeaks because I play too hard. I forget. But I gives her kisses to say sorry.

Then I jump on her again!

I have the biggest paws of all my brothers and sisters.Thats ok because I can take them all! Only my brother Pandora can handle wrestling with my big paws. I loves him. I loves Rhea, too. And I loves Hyperion.


Hyperion is the fastest and he’s always playing and trying to get the other cats, Mr Coalie Stromboli and Uncle Iron Man, to play too. They are funny cats. I likes playing with their tails!

Mr Coalie is so big but he always runs away. Maybe my big paws scares him. I dunno.

Rhea is the sweetest with our Uncles but they don’t like to cuddle. If they sleeps, she sneaks up and lays as close as she can.

Cuddle Time
Mommy is the best!

Everything is awesome. Mommy is the best! She shares her noms with us sometimes. Then the humans take me away from her bowl.

But it’s so yummies!

What? Feather toy?!

Ok buh bye

Ok Buh Bye!

Princess Pony

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